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weekend games

August 23, 2008

from magic: the gathering to warhammer 40K, i have been on a tabletop for the past few days and will be playing both games tomorrow.

i won a match with my tau army today. a small 500 point, king of the hill skirmish ensued in the middle of a town’s center fountain. my fire warriors and crisis battlesuit kept the imperial guard pinned away from holding and ground through heavy rapid fire. my kroot got scorched from a deployed sisters squad carrying heavy flamers but surprisingly kept above half ranks. my turning point was when my sash’o suit’s missle pod took out both of his transport tanks just after my devilfish bit the dust. my rolling couldn’t have been better tonight.

tomorrow night is magic with the fellas from gamestop. my green-white deck is a little disappointed that the returning shards of alara planewalker Ajani doesn’t have green in it like i hoped. but nonetheless amazing! another card game that caught my eye at friday night magic yesterday was UFS with characters ranging from street fighter to soul calibur. it moves faster than magic but looks like it plays similarly so i’m willing to give it a try. also i get to play as lizardman!

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