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ordnance scatter scream

August 24, 2008

i walk into dragon inc: orks, necrons, tyranids, and imperial guard all setting up to take a hill. i say “that hill is now a sacred place” and land my grey knight terminators on top of it, with justicars and storm troopers following suit. now we have a real war.

the tyranid’s carnifex was leading the brood with a fairly large target on its head with the necron army holding their ground, lasers blasting. just then two ork tanks become clown cars for grots to continually pile out of and simultaneously be blown to bits.

my daemonhunters had help from above with three orbital strikes assisting with ordnance sized explsions at s10 ap1. the imperial tanks had their corner of destruction aimed at the hive tyrant and its dog sized guards.

an ork truck carrying a warboss drives straight into my resilient stormtroopers who soon see defeat at his power fist. the necron lord then tried his hand at combat with the warboss only to see his own eminent destruction leading to all of the necrons to phase from the battlefield. 

my grey knight terminator holds a psycannon aimed at the side of an ork tank and pierces the hull to instantly destroy it where it sits. just then my orbital lance strikes the three imperial tanks bunched in the corner, destroying one, vaporizing another with a crew inside and shaking the crew of final one.

after a different squad of terminators gets teleported in and rips apart my justicars and works its way up to the hill where only the ork war boss and my final grey knight are clashing halberd to powerfist in an endless battle of true hand to hand capabilities. the fight now leads to all but one terminator of the new squad to stand surviving.

just then a squad of grots led by their slaver shoot him down for control of the hill. their control is short lived as some imperial guard troops mow them down with bullets before they too are vaporized by an daemon cleansing blast from above.

with everyone either killed, phased away or resting in a tank, the battle closes with no clear controller of the hill.

soon i will be recruiting help from the witch hunters. the angelic sisters of battle accompanied by the arco-flagellants implanted with electro-flails, cutting claws, power-scourges and other, equally wicked devices. lastly my favorite tank in the game : the exorcist, fully equipped with a missile launching, chant driving, pipe organ.

que my body is a cage by arcade fire!

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