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1111 pennies

August 25, 2008

today was a sweet day for getting money. over the past couple years i have filled a snapple bottle with coins from my pocket after that was nearly full i started a gatorade bottle. my brother was doing the same thing and kindly gave me his bottles. i had an armful of coins as i waddled into wegmans and went straight to the coinstar machine. the first round was the two, 60% filled gatorade bottles and my one fully filled gatorade bottle. the count was 1111 pennies, 227 nickels, 217 dimes and 14 quarters. my current total is $47.66 now as i am trying to get the coins from the the snapple bottle it prints the receipt. so now i pour in my new hopeful pile of goodness. 120 pennies, 31 nickels, 96 dimes and 104 quarters and accidently one of my dollar coins. total of this bottle alone is $39.35 bringing the armload total to $87.01.

you know how coinstar takes about 9 percentage of your money when they are done? well with their new feature you can select to have no deduction in exchange for getting your money put into a gift card or eticket (a coinstar receipt with a stream of numbers and letters on it like a gift card) of your own choice. so now i have an 87 dollar, amazon eticket.

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