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Deck pitfalls + Mythic rare blues

September 10, 2008

I have been playing magic since the beginning of high school, so now that I am a sophomore in college I would think that the people around me would build there decks a lot better. Unfortunately that is not the case. The downstairs pub of my college is like an ant hill of magic players all with different kinds of deck ideas, but upon first glance you can see common pitfall #1: putting every card you own of a certain theme into your deck. It might sound like a no-brainer but almost 80% of the decks I have seen are over 100 cards, easy. How do you tell which ones stay and which ones go? You need to be a bit more zealous with your deck building path. Putting every creature that has a blue/green casting cost or putting any card that has the word ‘elf’ on it into the deck isn’t being very conservative, only tightening a still very broad scope of which cards should be ran in the deck. What you need to figure out after you decide the theme of the deck, is a way to victory. Being over zealous with your approach will most likely hurt you, but getting your road to victory mapped out with a few side roads for options, will give you a very nice base for deciding which cards should be inside. If you always look at the cards you put in your deck as pieces to your deck’s complete puzzle, bearing in mind how it will work with the surround cards and it will fit with them. Just today I realized that the Hymn Of Rebirth in my green/white beat down deck isn’t that practical because I remove creatures from the game with Devouring Light and Swords to Plowshares so they never actually hit the graveyard to grab them. Give thought to which cards go in so that you can focus your mana at what is more important for your deck’s success!

Now onto the newly spoiled Shards of Alara mythic rare, Sphinx Sovereign. You need to understand, now that affinity has been left behind in past sets (thanks to a 0 result for ‘affinity’ with the orb) this thing is going to take a while to summon, unless of course Esper has some sweet tricks (which is very likely) for its full arsenal of creatures that are all confirmed to be artifacts. A nice part about the Sphinx is its preparedness for any of your situations.

Pitfall #2 Creatures with cool abilities. Every creature with a good ability, or any creature that has a huge power and toughness usually have fairly large drawback. The first is usually its casting cost, that is the one people always deal with the most. The other is almost always horrible for you and shouldn’t be played UNLESS you can work around in a manageable way. Every card is a good card with the right circumstances. It is your deck’s job to make those circumstances for every other card in the deck.

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