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The shards take shape

September 10, 2008

Dear Wild Nacatl,

The first time I saw you, you were a 2/2 at the Temple Garden … or was it the Stomping Ground, I can’t remember which. Either way you were beautiful. The way you became a 3/3 so quickly and then your old friend Wolly Thoctar came along. Oh it was such a great time, you guys grow up so quickly. I hope to see you guys again soon when I visit Naya again on the 27th.    God speed, Ajani.



The first thing to know about facing Naya is “be prepared”. The creatures are bigger and badder than any other set’s multicolored to date. These cards are going to catch you off guard and grow very quickly with Shield of the Oversoul, Scourge of the Nobilis, and perhaps even Runes of Dues.

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