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Serious playtime with Shards of Alara

October 15, 2008

Soul’s Fire gave me some serious burns during the prerelease and will probably be giving me some charring relapses this friday when I hold my own booster draft with my friends. What is interesting about Soul’s Fire is the wording. The spell doesn’t actually do the damage, the creature does. So what does that pair well with? Deathtouch. Another part of Soul’s Fire that gives it some great play time is that it can do damage directly to a player. And player it can also mean planeswalker. I have been playing with a deck idea that revolves around a few cool tricks including the one I discovered here through the colors of Grixis. 

With Death Baron giving my Skeletons and Zombies a power boost and deathtouch, I can instantly destroy any creature with Soul’s Fire and beat down my opponent. I also use Fleshbag Marauder in my second mainphase to sacrifice away my easily unearthed Dregscape Zombies and Viscera Draggers (who can also be cycled for great card advantage and unearthable creatures at your command in your graveyard). Bone Splinters can also be devastating when played like a Fleshbag. Kederekt Creeper and Tidehollow Strix can both be used successfully with Soul’s Fire. Also even Quietus Spike could be involved seeing as how it will stay on the field even after the equipped creature vanishes.

After playing game after game with my skeletal invention, two cards were absolutely destroying me; Magma Spray and Jund Charm. Magma Spray would destroy most creatures (mainly my Death Baron) I would play but worst of all it would remove them from the game if it destroyed it. Then Jund Charm could remove my creature filled graveyard from the game. Oh the terror!

I have been playing magic so non-stop I have had nearly no time at all to blog. Through all of the playing though I have been able to make near perfect for their time Bant and Esper decks through some serious trading and lucky snags in booster packs. 

Bon Voyage,


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  1. nintendude331 permalink
    October 15, 2008 9:11 pm

    It seems like Esper and Grixis are the big favorites in Shards. Bant is like a runner-up and I haven’t heard anyone talking about or making decks for Jund or Naya.

  2. Dillon permalink*
    October 15, 2008 9:23 pm

    Interesting observation nintendude331, I think Esper is a big favorite due to its speed and Grixis is a favorite because it is just plain mean. In my eyes though, Naya and Bant are the ones who win on the board with speed and versatility. Naya only gets a big boost because Sarkhan Vol has Naya colors in him and Bant gets an amazing boost from Bant Charm and Rafiq of the many.

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